There are several approaches to Kukuleganga via Kalutara, Horana, Bulathsinhala, Kalawana, and Aluthgama. However the route via Kalutara is considered as the main approach to this location. Passing about a km from the Kalutara Sacred Boo Tree and the sky scrapping Shrine, you will turn to your left at Katukurunda Junction and via Nagoda General Hospital proceed to Matugama town passing Dodangoda another small township. It is Badureliya Road that you would then take and passing about 12 km you will again turn to the left at Lathpandura junction. This widened and curvy road will then very conveniently convey you right up to the KKG Holiday Resort in about 20 minutes time.
While driving along the curvy roads in these remote areas you may glimpse large herds of playful buffaloes, gracing and roaming on lawns and moors on either sides of the way followed by a typical rural shepherd boy. Hence pure and fresh curd is readily available in most village houses. Curd is a very delicious dessert once mixed with treacle.
Colombo to Kalutara
43 Km
1 hour
Kalutara to Mathugama
23 Km
30 Min
Mathugama to Agalawatta
6 Km
08 Min
Agalawatta to Lathpadura
9 Km
12 Min
Lathpadura to KKG Holiday Resort
9 Km
10 Min
90 Km
2 Hours
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