Welcome to kukuleganga holiday resort
KKG Holiday Resort is manned by the Institute of Peace Support Operations Training SriLanka. This is a very pleasant and recently constructed complex with nicely built one, two and three bedroomed apartments, along with amenities such as Club House, Swimming Pool, Play Area, Tennis Court, Squash Court Gymnasium walking trails etc. It is considered a highly desirable weekend retreat site patronized by locals as well as foreigners

There are several approaches to Kukuleganga. However the route via Kalutara is considered as the main approach to this location. Being located in the environs of the Sinharaja natural reserve, it has a cool climatic effect with lush green Tea and Rubber estates surrounding the complex. The location being away from the hustle and bustle is ideal for relaxation.
This area belongs to the wet zone in Sri Lanka. It is warm and short rain showers are refreshing. It enjoys a superb climate with no high temperature and prolonged droughts. Temperatures during a whole year are between 24 C and 32 C. Perhaps it is so fascinating in the morning that it looks like an Italian mountainous village when wrapped by a silky blanket of mist. Drizzling and slight rainfall prevailing on the peaks of mountains are a natural occurrence, thus converting this side of Sri Lanka into a superb area for a life in relaxation.
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